4 Signs To Look For When You Are Too Skinny

Are you too skinny?

too skinny

We as a society have become concerned with body image (Progressively so), whether that is being overweight, not muscular enough, or even too skinny…

Who would think that too skinny would be a concern? With the image we have of supermodels walking down the runway (Stick thin figures) it is hard to imagine that being too skinny would even be a discussion.

You definitely can be! There are certain ways to tell and we are going to discuss the characteristics of someone who may just be… too skinny.

Your Bones Are “Really” Showing

This is one way to tell if you are too skinny. When your bones are sticking out horizontally from your elbows and knees or your ribcage is looking like that of a starving dog, it may be time to start thinking about upping your daily caloric intake!

Your shoulders will look really frail and your fingers will look like match sticks with a waist that would make a figure competitor envious…

These are signs that you need to take notice of and if you don’t, other people will (Not that everyone’s opinion matters, because it doesn’t).

Our Body Mass Index (BMI) determines whether we are too under or over weight so if your BMI falls below 18.5, you may be too skinny or underweight.

This information of course varies from each individual as everyone’s body is different.\

You’re Not Eating

This may be a sure sign that you are too skinny. If someone has a really fast metabolism, they will especially be more prone to being underweight. If you don’t eat, you lose weight (It’s that simple).

This goes for people that have a slower metabolism as well, because when you don’t eat, your body will tap into its energy sources and start causing a bunch of health problems!

The problems that occur from a deficiency in essential nutrients are as follows:

• The brain, metabolism and other vital functions start to shutdown
• Your mental health starts to deteriorate
• Getting accustomed to eating again can be very difficult

Make sure you’re eating properly to avoid permanent, long term health problems!

You’re Too Obsessed With Your Weight/Image

skinny model

Anyone that obsesses over their weight is prone to developing unhealthy habits leading to them being extremely underweight (The main goal).

Obsession can stem from the way you view yourself (Not weight related) and can be a product of the way parents have pressured their children to be thin.

Media and the pressure to be attractive can take a toll on people, especially teenagers that feel the need to have the ideal “look.”

Excessive exercising is a telling habit of someone who is seeking to be or is already too skinny. When someone engages in lots of exercise, they are trying to burn as many calories as possible in order to drop more and more weight.

You’ve Been Diagnosed With Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa is the most obvious sign that you are too skinny. People with this illness are in great fear of gaining any amount of body weight.

There is a behavioral issue because the person with Anorexia sees themselves as overweight even though they are unhealthily underweight.

Binging and purging is an unfortunate reality of those suffering.

Final Words….

Aim For A Healthy Weight!

If any of these signs pertain to your situation, you may be too skinny!

So, if you notice yourself becoming obsessed with all things related to appearance, weight etc. you may have many underlying issues that need immediate attention.

The consequences of being too skinny may not be apparent now but do yourself a favor and take care of your body now (While you have the chance)!