How To Stop Late Night Cravings and Midnight Snacking

How To Stop Late Night Cravings and Midnight Snacking

late night cravings

Are you trying to stop late night cravings?

If so you’re not alone because we all have fall victim to late night cravings and midnight snacking is a bad habit that many adults fall into more often than not in their lifetime.

While many any us eventually get over the hump, there are some of us that don’t seem to be able to break away from.

However, breaking free of this habit can help you experience more restful sleep, stop consuming unnecessary calories, and could contribute to weight loss.

In studying this topic i’ve come to learn there are a lot of potential contributing factors that could lead to your late night snacking like stress, depression, or boredom.

It’s ok to eat foods we crave sometimes, but only in moderation. Unfortunately, many of us have a hard time controlling how much we eat when the cravings are tugging on our taste buds. In fact, gorging on crap has become an American pastime.

Fortunately, your late night cravings and potential midnight snacking don’t have to rule us!

This is great news because there are certainly some alternatives that will allow you to eat tasty foods while keeping your health in check.

Let us show you some great ways to swap out the not so healthy foods for Better Choices!
Oh… The Cravings!!

Our food cravings are thought to be associated with the parts of our brain that are responsible for memory and pleasure.

This makes so much sense!

We always tend to remember the good foods and we get so much pleasure from the addicting ingredients.
The problem is that many of these foods with addictive qualities are low in nutrients and high in calories.

How To Swap Out Late Night Cravings With Better “Food” Choices?

food choices


If you’re looking to get the closest tasting alternatives possible, you’re in luck. There are so many substitute ingredients out there and/or natural ingredients included in excellent recipes.

The creativity has come a long way and the differences are very subtle. Now the options are there if you’re looking for substitutes (Similar taste and texture) but some people choose to just eat completely natural rather than compromising.

Some substitutes are:
• Honey or dates instead of sugar for sweetness
• Coconut/almond flour for regular flour
• Coconut/or almond milk for milk
• Spaghetti squash instead of pasta noodles

These are just some of the substitutes you can use for healthy alternatives but feel free to use your resources (Internet, cook books etc.) for more great ways to satisfy your cravings.

How Will You Benefit From choosing Better Choices?

Giving into your cravings all the time is not a good idea because you’ll have developed a habit that is extremely difficult to reverse.

When people become addicted to foods, most of the time it’s toward foods that contain bad fats and sugars, refined carbohydrates etc. Now, cravings are said to be a byproduct of stress and anxiety and so research has suggested that the combination of fat and sugar may have a calming effect on the body.

It’s strange that some psychological factors can influence preference for cravings but that’s why it takes more than just making better food choices.

Non-Caloric Options

You’re probably wondering, how are there non-caloric ways to make better choices when your cravings are out of control.

Since cravings are for the most part a psychological issue, there are ways to alleviate and even reverse the cravings.

With that being said here are some great ways to deal with cravings non-calorically:

• Find the root of the issue causing these cravings (Stress, emotions etc.)
• Start exercising
• Get support

Finding and dealing with the stressful and/or emotional stimuli causing the cravings is a recommended first step.
Getting into an exercise routine helps a lot of the time to become disciplined with eating habits.

Having support is very important because sometimes we are not mentally tough enough on our own and so having people that will hold us accountable (Support system) is wonderful.

Make the choice to stop giving into cravings by focusing your mind on the benefits of choosing healthier alternatives.
By learning self-control and choosing better options, you can defeat cravings right at the source every time.

Of course, some days you may be tempted to indulge but remember that moderation is key and that healthy habits can last a lifetime!

How To Resist & Fight Nighttime Food Cravings

Through this article, we will provide you with a few great tips to help you stop late night eating  and how to take your mind off food once and for all.

Meal Prepping/Planning

You should give meal planning and/or meal prepping a try. According to Torey Armul, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Eating balanced meals and snacks throughout the day provides your body with a steady source of energy to fuel daily activities.”

By planning healthy meals in advance, you can ensure you’re getting filling meals with proper nutrients, so you won’t find yourself as hungry at night. Planning your meals involves sitting down in advance of your weekly grocery trip so you can make sure you have the proper ingredients.

You want to be sure the meals you plan are healthy and packed full of nutrients, but be sure you keep up the variety, otherwise you’ll find yourself snacking to appease cravings. Prepping these meals in advance can ensure you follow through with your healthy meal planning goals.

Create Better Sleeping Habits

According to Armul, “sleep deprivation” can cause you to experience cravings and excess hunger. As strange as it sounds, when we’re tired, we often confuse the feeling of tiredness with that of hunger.

Armul says that if you find yourself wanting to snack after a well-balanced meal, it’s probably just a sign from your body that it’s time for bed.

As Armul said earlier, getting more restful sleep will also help to decrease the cravings in the first place, but putting an end to the habit can also improve the quality of sleep you experience.

Snack healthfully and for the right reasons

A big reason for a lot of people’s late night snacking is eating away their emotions. People tend to either mistake these feelings with that of hunger or try to mask them by eating.

If you’re truly hungry and not trying to cover emotions, you should opt for light, healthy options. These are easier to digest and are healthier overall.

Do your best to keep your snacking to a minimum and maintain small portions; it’s easy to slip back into old habits.

Avoiding combining meal time and screen time

Believe it or not, eating in front of the television or computer can actually make you eat more.

What happens is that the television or computer distracts you from what you’re doing and how much you’re eating; it can even make you forget that you even snacked in the first place.

Another problem this can pose is that of the advertisements designed specifically to make you hungrier.

That in combination with the effect of screens on your memory of snacking and the amount in which you did that makes for a snacking nightmare.

Breaking free from the dreaded and extremely addictive habit of late night snacking can be extremely helpful and beneficial to your overall health.

Late night snacking can hinder sleep, be a sign of stress, and make you gain weight.

We hope these tips help you to put an end to this bad habit, however, there are several other tips you can find across the internet if these don’t work for you.

Regardless, don’t give up, because this habit is definitely one that needs to be broken.